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Finding Patience - The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs by Local Legacy Productions in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

What To Know About This Production


And so it is with Patience, a remarkable soul who has watched over the town of Holly Springs, North Carolina for the past 175 years. With humor and heart, Patience uncovers the roots of Holly Springs, sharing its sorrows and heralding its hopes, revealing what every person wants most in this life - to be remembered.

No matter where you’re from or where you live, Finding Patience – The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs will help you feel like you’ve come home.  


Finding Patience – The Story of Holly Springs captivated audiences in 2017 with its inaugural run of 11 sold-out performances. With Patience as our guide, we were transported back in time to witness the highlights and lowlights of Holly Springs history, inspiring each of us “to live a life that means something.”

Finding Patience is making its way back to the main-stage in June of 2022, but this time, as a musical! Finding Patience – The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs captures all of the elements that we loved so much about the original production, but adds the layers of music, singing, and dance.

Adapted into a musical by Playwright and Lyricist Angie Ottosen-Staheli (Local Legacy Productions) and remarkably talented Composer Jeremy Phillips (Solace Theatre), Finding Patience – The Musical features moving music, stirring songs, expressive dancing, and more than enough heart to bring Holly Springs history back to life.

Performance Dates

  • Jun 9 Thursday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 10 Friday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 11 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • Jun 11 Saturday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 15 Wednesday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 16 Thursday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 17 Friday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 18 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • Jun 18 Saturday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 22 Wednesday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 23 Thursday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 24 Friday 7:00 PM
  • Jun 25 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • Jun 25 Saturday 7:00 PM

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Auditions For Finding Patience - The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs

What To Expect At Auditions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Finding Patience - The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs. (Just a reminder that there are non-singing and non-dancing roles available as well :).) If you have any questions or need any assistance with any of the steps listed, please email: Thanks! -Finding Patience Team

All audition information for Patience-only auditions and for Auditions for Other Roles can be found at:

Audition Times

  • Jan 20 Thursday 5:30 PM
  • Jan 22 Saturday 9:30 AM
  • Jan 22 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • Jan 22 Saturday 3:00 PM
  • Feb 1 Tuesday 5:30 PM
  • Feb 3 Thursday 5:30 PM
  • Feb 5 Saturday 10:30 AM
  • Feb 12 Saturday 1:00 PM
  • Feb 12 Saturday 3:00 PM

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Cast List For Finding Patience - The Musical: The Story of Holly Springs

Cast List

The cast list is not yet posted. Please check back later.

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