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Liberty High School

Studio Details

About Liberty High School

Liberty High School has an award-winning Performing Arts Department, including music, dance, and theatre programs for students in grades 9-12. The Theatre Department produces 3 mainstage shows each school year. Typically, a Fall play, a Winter musical Revue, and a Spring Musical. LHS believes the student should be the centerpiece of the program, learning to organize, build, and run a show, with guidance from the staff.

Upcoming Shows From Liberty High School

No upcoming shows

Past Shows

  • February 2019 Godspell

Reviews For Liberty High School

It is a very fun welcoming program!

Jennifer G. - November 8, 2018

I love how you are able to make some new family in the programs.

Ariel A. - November 8, 2018

The absolute coolest thing I’ve been apart of in highschool.

Jasmyn M. - November 25, 2018

Sidney T. - November 23, 2018


Lexi H. - November 15, 2018

It’s really fun!

Jocelyn M. - November 15, 2018

Scarborough last year was pretty lit fam

Antonin S. - November 15, 2018


Alyssa L. - November 15, 2018

A program full of constant love and support!

Chase S. - November 14, 2018

Everyone is super nice and welcoming!

Alexis D. - November 12, 2018

Amazing environment that makes everyone feel welcome. Great program👍👍

Evelyn L. - November 11, 2018