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Little Theatre in Longview, Texas presents PT 2024

Opening March 5

Things To Know About This Production

It's 1959, the civil rights movement is starting to grip America. In Montgomery, Alabama, a gentle children's book stirs the passions of a segregationist senator and a non-nonsense librarian. A contrasting story of childhood friends -- an African-American man and a woman of white privilege who are reunited in Montgomery that same year -- provides private counter point to the public events of the play. Political foes, star-crossed lovers, and one feisty children's author inhabit the same page to conjure a Deep South of the imagination. Alabama Story is based on true events.

Performance Dates

  • Mar 5 Tuesday 11:45 AM

Auditions For PT 2024

What To Expect At Auditions

For the 2024 One-Act Play auditions you will perform a One-Minute (memorize) Monolog of your choice. Pick one that best displays your talents. You could be asked to perform spontaneously and/ or improv for further casting clarifications. You will sign-in at the Little Theater Lobby with the Stage Manager and have a seat until you are called in to audition. If you would like to rehearse before you are called the holding rehearsal space will be in the 200 hallway outside the lobby as to not disrupt the auditions in progress.

Audition Times

  • Nov 16 Thursday 4:30 PM

Audition Form

Cast List For PT 2024

Casting Information

The cast list is not yet posted. Please check back later.

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