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CHCA Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio presents The Music Man

Opening March 10

Things To Know About This Production

A timeless American classic musical, THE MUSIC MAN, is coming to CHCA. A lively story of the fast-talking salesman, Harold Hill, who cons the good folks of River City, Iowa, into believing that he can teach their children to play in a marching band. Before the fraudulent teacher can skip town with the loot, Harold’s got trouble when he falls for the quick-witted small town librarian, Marian. With songs like "Trouble", "76 trombones" and "'Til there was you", and a huge cast of charming characters, this musical is full of delightful and heartwarming moments that will keep you entertained from start to finish. .Rehearsals for grades 9-12 will begin in December with solo, duet and small group vocals only. Rehearsals for Winthrop and Amaryllis may begin in early January if available. You do not need to fill in conflicts for November 28-January 16th. Full rehearsals will begin for 9-12 on January 17th, for kids on January 23rd. Kids ages 8-13 will have minimal rehearsals (1-2 a week) until tech week. ALL cast (kids roles includes) MUST be available with NO conflicts March 6th-9th from 3-9pm (kids can arrive at 3:30). Kids may NOT leave early during tech week as they are in the final scene.

Performance Dates

  • Mar 10 Friday 7:00 PM
  • Mar 11 Saturday 2:00 PM
  • Mar 11 Saturday 8:00 PM
  • Mar 12 Sunday 3:00 PM

Auditions For The Music Man

What To Expect At Auditions

9-12 Students: Please sign up for a time and then choose one of the following: a) if auditioning for an ensemble role (includes cameo speaking roles), please choose a chorus of any song from a musical. You can sing by yourself or with up to 2 other people. b) if you'd like to be considered for a lead, supporting, or feature role, please prepare one minute of a golden age musical (written between 1943 and 1967) that showcases your vocal range. Please sing with a track or provide your own accompanist. Callbacks will be on December 2nd from 3:15-4:30 in the Lindner Theatre. All other grades: Please submit a video of you singing one minute of a musical theatre song from any musical that showcases your voice and personality (with a track or provide your own accompanist) to the director's email: by 11:59 on January 15th. There will be an invited callback on January 18th from 5-6pm. You will also be asked to read from the script and/or do a short character improvisation. The show needs between 10-15 kids ages ranging from 8-13 who look younger than our HS students. Children age 8-13 must be permitted to stay for all tech week rehearsals (see rehearsal info for more details). PLEASE CAREFULLY CONSIDER THE TIME COMMITMENT FOR YOUR YOUNG CHILD BEFORE AUDITIONS.

Audition Times

  • Nov 30 Wednesday 3:00 PM
  • Nov 30 Wednesday 3:30 PM
  • Nov 30 Wednesday 4:00 PM
  • Nov 30 Wednesday 4:30 PM
  • Nov 30 Wednesday 5:00 PM
  • Dec 1 Thursday 3:00 PM
  • Dec 1 Thursday 3:30 PM
  • Dec 1 Thursday 4:00 PM
  • Dec 1 Thursday 4:30 PM
  • Dec 1 Thursday 5:00 PM

Audition Form

Cast List For The Music Man

Casting Information

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