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The Jade/Anthony Company

New York City, New York

About The Jade/Anthony Company

The Jade/Anthony Company (JAC) is a theatrical producing firm that develops new musicals — by building writing and creative teams, serving as production dramaturges, and producing developmental readings, workshops, and labs for original, new works in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Founded in 2017 by theatrical investors Miss Hazel Jade and Kyle Anthony, JAC is growing to become a premiere incubator for overlooked, emerging artists to develop their works for commercial producers. Our inception emerges from the founders’ mission to offer an inspiring and thought-provoking theatrical platform to explore diverse stories that strike a chord and influence the progression of the evolving social ecology.

Along with developing new works in-the-room with book writers, composers and lyricists, JAC also serves as production and general managers, producing consultants, and as an introductory licensing house for works developed in-house. And we dedicate our lives to theatrical creators.

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