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Estronemicas DMR Theatrical

San Juan Bautista, California

About Estronemicas DMR Theatrical

Estronemicas DMR is an independent production company specializing in the performing arts, digital media and arts education. Founded in 2010 by Ron W. Johnson Jr. in partnership with Estrella Esparza-Johnson and joined by longtime collaborator, Andrew Ceglio to harness their skills and experiences as writers, playwrights, screenwriters, producers, actors, directors, video editors and teledramatic artists and performers. Estronemicas DMR creates and practices a high caliber dramatic art influenced by hiphop culture and the American experience.

Estronemicas DMR comprises two divisions: Arts Education and Professional Services. Our arts education division contracts with educational organizations and partners to provide dramatic arts teaching artist services to students from Kindergarten through 12 grades, and adults. Our professional services division provides acting, play- and screenwriting services, live theatrical and media and entertainment producing and marketing, directing, and music and musician services.

Estronemicas DMR, is a company on a mission to foster, create and share our unique American stories, our Dreams Made Reality.

Upcoming Shows From Estronemicas DMR Theatrical

No upcoming shows

Past Shows

  • May 2022
    Milkcrate Monologues

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