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Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company

Boston, Massachusetts

About Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company

The Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company is a 501(c) organization whose mission is to provide families and children, regardless of socioeconomic standing, exposure to both artistic expression and theatrical performance at minimal to no cost. The CIC Theater Company is specifically committed to reaching those whose standing limits their exposure to the arts. Create. Inspire. Change. Theater Company started when Daniel Hutchins IV (producing artistic director) produced and directed an outreach-oriented production of Disney’s On the Record. His aim was not only to have the show performed for the paying public, but to also have it performed for children in the Boston area who would not normally have the means to see a live performance. The “always chase your dreams” theme of the show proved that the most important part of the “creative” process was “inspiring” the local children to never lose their imaginations or themselves as unique individuals and to “change” the stigma of theater being financially unavailable to most urban children; thus forming the name of our company.

Expanding from their original programming, CIC now offers:

-Take a Step: Outreach Events, geared towards exposing low-income students and their families to professional caliber performances. See our Take a Step page for more information!

-Take the Stage: Theater Workshop, the natural "next step" to the Take a Step Program, Take the Stage gets students out of the seats and up onto the stage!

CIC works with organizations in the Metro-Boston area, and is expanding to the Greater Metrowest area.

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