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Aurora Arts Theatre

Corpsus Christi, Texas

About Aurora Arts Theatre

The Aurora Arts Theatre is a non-profit community theatre located on the southside of Corpus Christi, Texas. The goal and mission of the Aurora Arts Theatre is to provide live theatre entertainment for the community and patrons alike. We maintain a professional environment and hope to be a new staple in the growing circle of arts in the Corpus Christi area. Aurora Arts Theatre will bring a variety of works to the stage and in addition will encourage and promote work such as the Hispanic Arts and other local artists. With the talents and efforts of our community, the Aurora Arts Theatre will bring a variety of quality theatre to be explored and experienced by our growing community. It is our belief that the community will be enriched by the array of talent and theatre they will experience at the Aurora. Providing theatrical opportunities for people of all ages will enhance the theatre and attract new audiences. It is our hope that patrons will experience live theatre and find it an enriching form of entertainment and expression. The Aurora has a commitment to provide the community with a theatrical venue where the elements of theatre can be enjoyed, practiced, learned, and shared. It is our hope that all who enter our quaint theatre as a patron, guest, or volunteer will have a fun experience that will enrich their lives for years to come. You are sure to get a solid and fulfilling theatre experience in our quaint 100 seat house.

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  • Jan 2019

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