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St Johns AME

Studio Membership

Here's the current status of St Johns AME's membership.

Membership Summary


Ready for auditions in 5 minutes

  • 90 auditionees per show
  • 100% paperless auditions
  • Drag & drop cast list
  • Auto-synced conflicts


Post unlimited shows for 12 months

  • 150 auditionees per show
  • Studio branding
  • Real-time rehearsal notes
  • 1 custom audition question


Post unlimited shows for 12 months

  • Infinite auditionees
  • PRO badge on listings
  • Priority support
  • Rehearsal attendance tracking
  • 5 custom audition questions


Complete custom setup

  • Infinite auditionees
  • Private server
  • Custom subdomain
  • Website integration
  • Phone support

Post Unlimited Shows

With a studio membership, St Johns AME can post unlimited shows for a year and enjoy additional membership perks. Makes a great gift!

Apply For Non-Profit Status