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Castonn Theatre Co.

About Castonn Theatre Co.

Castonn Theatre Co. is not a real studio. It only exist as a virtual representation of what a studio looks like to performers on Cast98. We do keep an active list of upcoming [fake] shows and you're more than welcome to signup for a [fake] audition! Doing so helps you get a feel for what that process will be like when it's time to do it for real. Also, on occasion we will send some official swag to our auditionees. So shhhhhhh, that's our little secret. But spread the word, if you like.

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2016 established
3 shows per year
98 avg. cast size

Upcoming Shows From Castonn Theatre Co.

December 2021 Avengers The Musical

Avengers is a fictitious show that exists for the sole purpose to enable directors and actors a chance to demo Cast98 features before diving in on a real show.Wanna get in on a demo? Head over to...

Past Shows

  • April 2018 Merry Princess Poppyseed
  • July 2017 Moana: Live!
  • June 2017 The Lion Kingly

Reviews For Castonn Theatre Co.

This place is dope!

Daniel F. - June 4, 2018

Meh, it's aight I guess. But what got me was the bunnies running around at night. Those little buggers will chew your toe off if you let em.

Justin B. - July 12, 2018