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The Good Counselor by Picture Frame Playhouse in Darien, Connecticut

What To Know About This Production

The Good Counselor is a new drama about a chosen son's quest for truth. Vincent, a bright young lawyer in the Public Defender department has been assigned to defend a young woman accused of killing her three-week-old son. Hounded by his community and haunted by his past, Vincent struggles to defend both neglectful mothers: his client, and his own. A thought-provoking and beautifully written play, The Good Counselor literally prompts the audience to serve as the jury in determining what it means to be a good parent.

Performance Dates

  • Jun 22 Saturday 8:00 PM
  • Jun 23 Sunday 2:00 PM

Auditions For The Good Counselor

What To Expect At Auditions

Greetings and thank you for expressing interest in auditioning for "The Good Counselor." We are thrilled to embark on this artistic journey with you. Below are the audition expectations to help you prepare for a successful audition:

1. Prepared Monologue:

Prepare a one to two-minute monologue that showcases your acting range and ability to convey emotion. The monologue does not necessarily need to be from the show, but it should align with the tone and themes of "The Good Counselor."

2. Cold Reading:

Be prepared for a cold reading from the script. This will assess your ability to quickly understand and interpret the text. Familiarize yourself with the characters and overall plot of the play to enhance your cold reading performance.

3. Resume and Headshot:

Bring a current resume outlining your theatre experience, training, and relevant skills. Additionally, provide a recent headshot that accurately represents your appearance.

4. Availability and Commitment:

Confirm your availability for rehearsals and performance dates. A successful audition includes a commitment to the entire rehearsal and performance schedule. Be prepared to discuss any potential scheduling conflicts during the audition.

8. Research the Play:

Familiarize yourself with "The Good Counselor ." Understand the play's themes, style, and the director's vision. This knowledge will help you align your performance with the overall artistic direction of the production.

9. Dress Appropriately:

Wear clothing that allows you to move comfortably, reflecting the nature of the theatre. Choose an outfit that complements the character you are auditioning for or professionally represents your style.

We look forward to witnessing your talent and passion during the auditions. Break a leg!

Audition Times

  • Apr 6 Saturday 1:30 PM

Audition Form

Cast List For The Good Counselor

Available Roles

  • Vincent Heffernon - (27-34 years old) African-American public defender practicing law in a rural county. He is the youngest in a family of four children and the only one in the family who has made it into the professional class. Sharp, mercurial and slick in some ways, altering his persona to suit the situation, but in other ways, he is fragile. He is not at ease with himself or reconciled to his position as the favored son in a struggling family.
  • Ray Heffernon - (29-36 years old) Vincent's older brother. African-American man in his mid-thirties. Currently working as a roofer. Has a history of drug addiction that may mask an undiagnosed mood disorder like bipolar. An incredible nose for the truth and the capacity to see humor in the absurdity of life.
  • Rita Heffernon - (65-75 years old) Ray and Vincent's mother. She is in poor health but struggles to stay out of bed and keep up appearances. Widowed at a young age, she raised her children on her own and takes pride in her autonomy. Has little truck for those who aren't able to manage life's challenges. Has pushed some dark episodes in her life into a corner and finds refuge in her church and the teachings of the bible.
  • Evelyn Laverty - (20-30 years old) A white single mother currently a suspect in the death of her infant. She is scared, truculent and a knee-jerk racist. Loves her remaining five-year old daughter but had mixed feelings about her infant and deep insecurities about her competence as a mother. Before her incarceration she drank to take the edge off of all the chaos that was piling up in her world.
  • Maya Aruna - (45-70 years old)The supervisor in the County public defender's office.

Cast List

The cast list is not yet posted. Please check back later.

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