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Director Referral Program

Studios can get a permanent discount by referring other directors to Cast98. This is a unique program that enables your studio to save big by simply spreading the word.

How It Works

Every studio (theatre company, dance studio, high school drama program, opera ensemble, etc.) on Cast98 has a unique referral link that can be used to invite other people to Cast98. When using the referral link, an invitee will be permanently identified as your studio's referral.

When one of your referrals goes on to post a show or start/renew a studio membership, your studio will be permanently credited with a discount on your future activity.

Possible Discounts

These discounts are permanently attached to your studio on Cast98. When your referral....

  • Posts a show - $5 credit
  • Starts or renews a membership - $20 credit

Credit values may change at any time but any discount you accrue will never be reduced.

This structure is a bit more complicated than a standard "earn $5 every time..." promotional discount, but it is far more rewarding because it stacks!


For example, if you refer 3 directors and they all post a show, the next show you post will have a $15 discount automatically applied. If later you decide to start a studio membership, it will also be discounted by $15. Later on, if those 3 referrals start their own membership, your next renewal will be discounted by $75 (3 shows x $5 + 3 memberships x $20 = $75 total discount).

Your discount will continue to snowball until eventually your membership renewals are free!

Thank You

Thanks for recommending Cast98 to theatre directors in your network! Hopefully this referral program is a nice perk for our raving fans who want to spread the word.

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